6 Ways to Have A Happier &Healthier Lifestyle

It is just as important as maintaining a healthy heart and brain to keep you fit. Due to the current healthcare needs, being fit is the minimum we can do. There are many types of pollution and diseases that cause a weakening immune system. It is no surprise that these diseases are now common in children, and not just those who were born after their 40s. Obesity and other lifestyle diseases are common in all ages. To avoid them, it is important to keep fit. Michigan State University student Dominic Siwik studies exercise science and shares his 6 tips for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Exercises and yoga

Studies have shown that stress and tension can lead to weight gain and damage to fitness levels. These activities can be very beneficial in relieving stress and should be used to maintain a healthy weight and good body condition. This activity helps Dominic Siwik lose excess calories and maintain a healthy weight, when it is paired with balanced meals.

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Balanced Diet

How we live our lives and what kind of lifestyle we choose is largely determined by how much food and eating habits we adopt. A balanced diet is one that includes all the components of food, in the right quantity and quality for each person. It is easy to digest and has the right ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that promotes a healthy body. According to your body’s needs, the diet can vary from one person to another. Consultation with a family doctor or dietician may be necessary.

Active lifestyle

This is a key part of maintaining your fitness. If it’s within walking distance, school children should opt to walk over driving any type of vehicle. Elevators can be replaced with stairs. Outdoor games are better than T.V and mobile screens. This will allow you to live a more active life and make more effort physically.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and other drugs

Keep in mind that addiction agents can cause weight gain. The stomach absorbs alcohol directly and it is easily stored as fats. To promote body fitness, you should avoid alcohol.

Avoid fatty foods

Fats make up the largest portion of calories. This extra number is more common than necessary and can cause the body to become more obese.

Don’t overeat: This means eating the right amount of food according to your body’s needs. Consuming more food than necessary can lead to more calories and increase your risk of developing lifestyle diseases such as obesity. According to Dominic Siwik, it is better to eat within the recommended amount.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Don’t skip meals

People who are trying to lose weight for a fit body will know that skipping meals is a no-no. If you skip any meal you will likely eat more the next day. This can lead to weight gain and increased hunger.

These are the simple steps to help you stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about living a healthier lifestyle, listen to the Dominic Siwik Podcast.






Currently a student at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Exercise Science

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Dominic Siwik

Currently a student at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Exercise Science